27 October 2016

NEWS: Microsoft's Surface Studio has a very cool extra

Dial it up.

Recently unveiled is Microsoft's new desktop computer, the Surface Studio, a huge touchscreen machine with a pivoting stand. Although the computer itself is very impressive, boasting one of the brightest and clearest displays, our heads were actually mostly turned by the device's accessory, the Surface Dial. Check this (overly dramatic) promo out:

The Dial seems to work both separate from the screen, and while sitting right on top. We assume there is some kind of magnetic connection to keep it in place, but the idea is pretty spectacular. Tactile controls over digital software is always a winner, and although the video showed it being used mainly for artistic purposes, it could have endless uses, especially in editing and game-play.

The Microsoft Surface Studio is set to cost a whopping $2,999, so to find out more, visit www.microsoft.com

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