16 October 2016

NEWS: LEGO announced Beatles Yellow Submarine set

We all live in a... sorry, forgotten the words...

LEGO has announced that the next set to be released from it's Ideas website, where fans post ideas for new sets for potential production, will be the Yellow Submarine from the Beatles' 1968 film of the same name.

The set, which is due to go on sale from 1st November and will no doubt be a big hit this Christmas, contains not only the submarine itself, but also four Beatles minifigures. The designers have clearly done a great job capturing the distinctive look of each band member as they appeared in the animated film.

The Yellow Submarine looks like an interesting build, and the final version seems to have stayed close to the submitted model which did the rounds on the LEGO Ideas site for a while, gaining a huge following and support. LEGO would've been mad to overlook this idea, as the set will appeal to both the massive amounts of Beatles fans out there, as well as the people who scoop up these exclusive sets.

Get yours, from shop.lego.com/en-GB/ 

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