24 October 2016

FEATURE: Christmas Stocking Fillers #1

It's back!

Yay, it's Christmas! Well, not quite yet, but the start of our annual Stocking Fillers features means it is time to start thinking about what to get those special somebodies in your life. As with previous years, we'll be running regular features with a few ideas for gifts, gadgets, and toys in each, and generally being festive and cheerful. Sorta. Anyway, let's start with...

Star Wars: Rogue One Big Figs

Yes, there is another Star Wars film out in the cinemas this Christmas, so expect quite a few entries in these features to include things from a long time ago, and from a galaxy far, far away. First up is the Deathtrooper Big Fig from Jakks Pacific. This beast of a toy stands at 20 inches in height, so a little big bigger than your standard three inch action figures. That said, he still features points of articulation just like a smaller fig, as well as a couple of accessories.

Size comparison with a LEGO R2D2. Yep, it's big

We had a choice of Jyn Erso, a Stormtrooper, or the droid K-S20, but we opted to see the Deathtrooper, and we're glad we did. These guys garnered plenty of interest from the trailers for the film, and the finished product looks pretty badass up close. The level of detail is great, and as Jakks have a lot more room to play with, there is also a good deal of texture in that black uniform. Collecting a whole set of these guys would take up quite a bit of room, but we have to agree that it looks awesome.


365 Things to do with LEGO Bricks

Hot from out recent reviews of DK's LEGO Build Your Own Adventure books, here we have another publication from the book giant to inspire minds young and old in their LEGO creations. This full-colour and weighty tome features, as the name suggests, 365 ideas, and not all of them are for buildings and vehicles.

You can get inspiration in building a tissue box, a literal family tree, a bowling alley, and so much more. Unlike the previous books from DK that we reviewed, there are no LEGO bricks included, but it does come with a a small timer to be used in the various building challenges in the book. There are so many great ideas in here, and fortunately many of them don't require you to own a huge stockpile of LEGO.


Go Travel Micro Fan

Okay, so you or your intended giftee might not need it for a couple more months, but this tiny pocket fan from Go Travel is worthy as a fun stocking filler. Unlike other pocket fans which leave the blades out to catch on your clothing and things in your bag, the Micro Fan folds up into itself, keeping the blades safe from damage.

It comes with the battery needed to power it, so it is just a case of whipping it out and switching it on. Held a few inches from your gorgeous face, it does the job of keeping you cool without sounding like a jet turbine. As “a little bit of something extra”-type gift, it's great.


K'NEX Cars Building Set

We've fallen a bit in love with K'NEX this year, it being the first year that we've taken a look at their many varied construction sets. Although there are roller coasters, blasters, and STEM-encouraging sets, we wanted to include a far cheaper, more versatile one for this feature. The Cars Building Set includes just 187 parts which can be used to construct an array of different cars, and more.

As the box claims, the parts can be used to build 12 different kinds of vehicles, but with a bit of imagination (and a healthy dose of madness) you can chuck together a hell of a lot more with them. The most important bits in the set are the wheels, so getting them is worth the cost alone. After that, if you already own some K'NEX pieces, you can build some pretty awesome wheeled creations.

Open-ended toys like this always go down exceptionally well as Christmas gifts, so this year maybe try something different than the usual LEGO.


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