26 September 2016

SPONSORED POST: The Evolution of Mobile Phones

Since their original invention in 1973, mobile phones have evolved into something beyond a device merely to make phone calls. Let’s look at how these devices evolved over the decades.

When mobile phones were first used they were rather clunky in nature coming in a briefcase or a leather bag. It took almost two decades for them to shrink in size. During the 1990s, when the size became more practical, the idea of owning one of these devices took hold and the phones become more popular. In the beginning, they were mainly used for business and their use had to be for emergencies, mainly given their 30 minute talk time limit and 10 hour charging requirement.

With the new century came changes to the physical aspect of mobile phones. Now these devices came with full QWERTY keyboards. This meant that devices could now be used, not only for phone calls, but for texting as well. Touchscreens and LCD screens were also added. When touchscreens were first developed the field was crowded with 18 different technologies. This was eventually pared down to just two. Touchscreens made it easier for users to interact with their phones.

As mobile phones became much more user friendly and compact in size, people also began using them for their primary gaming devices. This was a major shift in the gaming world. People could enjoy casino games like roulette or HD graphic games. Mobile casinos even were developed allowing people to wager real money on their games. Downloading games over the internet made it easy to get them onto phones, which also changed the manner in which games are distributed.

Given the recent changes in mobile phone technology, the future is sure to hold some surprises for us. Just what will the next decade hold in store for mobile phone development? 

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