16 September 2016

REVIEW: Magnitone Clean Sweep

Face facts.

Hey guys, lets talk faces; specifically your face. Look at it in the mirror. Go on. Gorgeous, isn't it? So manly and rugged and robust and... well, clogged with dirt and crap that has been in there for years. No matter how hard you scrub your handsome mug in the shower, your pores will retain a whole load of rubbish, and your skin will cling to those dead useless cells. What you - what we all - need is a manly bathroom tool to blast away everything that makes potential partners say “Ergh, yucky!”. You need the Magnitone Clean Sweep facial brush.

A brush, on this website? Surely not? Surely yes, as this particular brush is jam-packed with technology and cleverness. For a start the Magnitone Clean Sweep is vibro-sonic (which isn't as rude as it sounds), meaning it features a soft brush head that vibrates at 15,000 rpm! Being charged up via USB, it is also completely waterproof meaning you can take it into the shower to give your face the full works.

But why? Well, the high-speed vibrations of the brush head are designed to dislodge as much of the unwanted material from you skin as possible. Pores are opened up to be cleaned, and beard hairs are encouraged to point straight outwards, reducing in-growing hairs and making them easier to shave. Dead skin cells are also brushed away, encouraging blood flow to the skin underneath, making you appear younger and sprightlier. Maybe.

Coming in It's own rigid carry case (YES, A CARRY CASE! WOOP!) the Magnitone Clean Sweep is the perfect shaving buddy. In use we found that, even on a pretty thick beard, it made the hairs stand up and the following shave was quicker with less irritation. But even if you're not shaving that glorious facial hair, the brush can still be used each and every day in the shower (for just 30 seconds at a time) to exfoliate and revitalise your chops.

After just one use we noticed a significant reduction in those God-awful blackhead-clogged pores on the nose and cheeks. And despite the intensity of the brush's revolutions, it certainly isn't uncomfortable. Once you're used to the slight giggle-inducing vibrations, it feels like a pleasant facial massage.

We're big fans of any manly bathroom gadgets that can be taken into the shower as, let's 'face' it (boom boom!), nobody likes adding another element to their morning routine just for the sake of a new gadget. We found that it works best as a replacement for a traditional facial flannel or sponge, so no extra time was allocated of it's use. But boy can you feel the benefits. And, you know, CARRY CASE! WOOP!


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