27 September 2016

NEWS: Uber planning self flying cars

Traffic be damned.

Although the ride-sharing app company have only recently hit the headlines for testing self-driving cars to take passengers places, it now seems they are looking into flying vehicles that pilot themselves, to hop over the top of traffic.

Uber boss Jeff Holden, in a recent interview, said that the company is researching flying options to ferry their customers around, especially VTOL (vertical take off and landing) craft that will not use human pilots. Apparently the idea, which Holden says could happen in the next decade, is to summon a flying craft when traffic is too dense for a speedy trip on land. The vehicle will land by your home, you'll step in, and it will take off and fly you where you need to go.

What the VTOL craft will look like, and how it will actually operate, are yet to be decided, but Holden says it's all about waiting for the technology to catch up with the ideas. But, as we've seen in this manned drone from EHang, we might not have to wait very long at all.

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