9 September 2016

NEWS: This solo electric car is perfect for commuters

No mates? Concerned about the environment?

If you need something small and quick to get to the office each day, but can't be arsed to cycle and are loathed to buy a five-seater electric vehicle, get this. The SOLO is single seater electric car from Canadian company Electra Meccanica, which boasts an impressive 0-60mph in eight seconds, and a 100 mile range on a single charge.

However, it only has three wheels. You might now be thinking, 'so what?' Perhaps it's our British motoring sensibilities kicking in here, having been raised witnessing the God-awful Robin Reliant, but to us, three-wheeled cars just aren't cool.

Perhaps we need to get over that, because the SOLO features other impressive bits of kit to make it a definite choice for the single commuter. There is a Bluetooth stereo on the inside, AC, and also a rear parking camera. And come on, 100 miles and 60mph on a single charge? Yes please.

Find out more at electrameccanica.com

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