22 September 2016

NEWS: Play real life Space Invaders

Shoot where they're going to be!

If you've ever dreamt of blasting invading alien scum for real, perhaps now you'll get your chance. Built by Tomer Daniel at GeekCon 2016 is a human-sized game of Space Invaders using lasers and drones. And boy, do we want one.

The drones are controlled by Arduinos to make them move in the same descending pattern, just like the invaders of the classic game, while the player's laser chair is on sideways-sliding rails. When hit, the drones switch off their lights, which we suppose is a lot cheaper than having them explode.

It looks like awesome good fun, but we doubt a retail version will be available any time soon. However, if you have a few drones knocking about, a bit of coding skill, and - y'know - a chair mounted laser, you could make your own. If you do, ask us round, will ya?

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