2 September 2016

NEWS: LEGO Minifigures Series 16 out now

Random doesn't do them justice.

The designers at LEGO must love it when the new Minifigures series has nothing to do with a franchise tie-in, like the recent Disney range. The ability to create a bunch of completely bat-shit random characters must be fun - and it seems they've upped their game for Series 16.

The range of blind bags are hitting shops now, each costing £2.99 (a 50p increase since last time, we believe). However, collectors and kids alike probably won't quibble at that, as this series is possibly the most bizarre and interesting yet. LEGO were kind enough to bung us one random bag in the post, and inside we found...

...a kid dressed as a penguin. ON SKATES! Other crazy highlights from the range include a lost backpacker, a guy dressed as a banana, a cyborg, an ice queen, another kid dressed as the devil, and a dog show winner - complete with dog, yo! This is definitely a series to inspire your imagination, and one from which we'll probably be picking up a few more bags.

Check out the whole range at www.lego.com

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