14 September 2016

NEWS: iOS 10 lands, Twitter explodes

First World problems, yo.

The iOS 10 update for Apple mobile devices has started rolling out over the last few hours, and apparently users aren't overly happy. Regular readers will know that here at The Test Pit we aren't Apple's biggest fans, having never bothered to directly review one of their latest releases, and always lambasting a gadget that has been designed specifically for the iPhone or iPad. To us, Apple announcements (such as the iPhone 7 event last week) are basically fancy new ways of incorporating technology that Samsung has been using for a year. Anyway...

Get on Twitter and search for #iOS10. There you will a smorgasbord of tweets, some concerning, many more hilarious. For a start, it seems that Apple has done away with the 'Slide to unlock' technique, replacing it with a simple press of the home button. Cue lots of "how the hell do I unlock my damn phone?" tweets.

There was also a lot of chatter about the removal of the gun emoji, it having been replaced by a water pistol. Many people were very concerned about how they were now suppose to threaten people via text message, if it looks like you're inviting them to a water fight.

A lot of other people were tweeting that the new look of iOS 10 was a bit too "Androidy" for their tastes. It is easy to see why Apple have created a redesign that seems to borrow from Google's Android user interface. Because it's better. Whoa, burn!

If you have upgraded your iPhone today, best of luck! In less important news; Syria.

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