11 September 2016

NEWS: Can't wait for iPhone 7? You don't have to, with Apple Plugs

Plug 'n' play.

The recent announcement of the iPhone 7 revealed that the most striking advancement was not the adding of new technology, but rather the removal of the headphone jack. However, this does mean that people who just can't wait to have the latest model, don't have to. If you have an iPhone 6 or 6S all you need to upgrade to the iPhone 7 is an Apple Plug.

The Plug slots seamlessly into you existing headphone jack to block it up, removing that archaic and pointless relic of a bygone era. As the Apple Plug website says: 

"This isn't 2009. Your phone doesn't have a floppy drive, and it shouldn't have a headphone connector either."

Obviously, this is a joke product, created by the designers of Nicer, but it is probably one of the best parodies of Apple's recent efforts to date. There has been so much backlash against Apple over the removal of the headphone port, and Nicer's site ties it all together fantastically. As the spoof product page says: "Trust us. It's better."

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