30 September 2016

FEATURE: Autumn chill defence

Stay warm, look cool.

As it seems that summer has now definitely jumped ship for another year, we all start to prepare for the coming of winter. Are you going to sit back in shorts and t-shirts and wait to freeze like a fool, a God-damn fool? Or are you going to prepare yourself by buying some of the following autumn-proof kit? Trust us, do the latter.

Helly Hansen Odin Flow Jacket

This versatile jacket from those darn clever Norsemen offers a heck of a lot of insulation, despite being very thin and extremely light. Designed to be a go-to coat for both a jaunt around the city on a chilly day, and for trekking up the side of a mountain, the Odin Flow features the H2Flow technology that Helly Hansen are famous for (and which we've reviewed a few times before).

The jacket features vents and outer mesh which actually allows air to flow through, regulating your temperature and helping to stop you sweating. There is Polartec fleece on the inside to keep you warm, and a polyester exterior shell to keep the rain out. The front-side vents can be zipped closed if you're getting a wee bit chilly, while the bottom hem can be tightened to stop draughts. It is comfortable on, feels exquisitely light, and serves as both a day jacket, and as an adventure garment too – something our dear chums at Helly excel at. Also, comes in blue or black, yo.


Weird Fish Boyne Macaroni Jacket

Ah, Weird Fish... this isn't the first Autumn you've kept us warm and cosy while braving the worst of the weather. The British clothing company's signature garment, the Macaroni, has been given a few new tweaks to create the Boyne, a full-zip fleece-lined jacket that is as comfortable as it is versatile.

Like the other Macaronis we've reviewed in the past (we're a bit obsessed), the Boyne combines Weird Fish's Mac Active outer fabric with a fleece lining to make it one of the warmest in the range of sweaters and jumpers. The full-zip up the front means there is no need to mess up your hair while slipping it on (something very important to us, obvs), while the sleeves are lined with deliciously soft cotton to make sliding your mitts into them a breeze.

There are two zipped hand pockets on the front, and wearing it is a real delight. The mix of soft yet rugged material, coupled with the fleece lining, means that this could be your reach-for outerwear right into the bleak midwinter. When frosty winds made moan, eh?


Keen Aphlex Waterproof Boots

You'll definitely look like a right ninny poncing about the cold wet streets and tracks of Britain this Autumn in nowt but your sandals, won't you? To that end, get yourself a proper pair of waterproof boots; ones with a bit more pizazz than your Granddad's wellies.

The Keen Aphlex are hiking boots with city-cool styling that have been designed to be tough yet comfortable on whatever terrain you're treading. They feature a fairly rigid structure which holds your foot well, all the way up to the ankle, and added thickness at the toe and heel. Walking in them feels like a treat, as they seem to feature a good amount of suspension, and the waterproof mesh-y membrane keeps water out, but allows air to enter to keep your feet form overheating.

We wore them in pretty harsh conditions during a trek in the wilds, and we can confirm that the waterproof boasts made by Keen are spot on. However, unlike many other hiking boots we've reviewed, we could also slob them on for a quick dash to the shops, without looking like an idiot - due in no small way to the slender design and bold colours. Perfect for crunching through dead leaves, and – as we'll maybe see in a couple of months time – snow and ice.


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