26 August 2016

REVIEW: Zus Charger & Car Finder


Ever forgotten where you left your car in a busy car park? Been unable to call your partner to ask for help in finding it because your phone battery is dead? What you need is a smart device that can solve both of those awful problems, and the Zus Charger & Car Finder byNonda is just that. We had a play...

First up, this handy little gadget plugs directly into your car's 12V charging port (which is a polite, modern way of saying the cigarette lighter). You might have seen things like this before, or indeed you already own one, but wait... because the Zus is different. For a start there are two separate USB ports on it, for charging two separate gizmos simultaneously, and those ports are reversible. Yay! We do love reversible USB ports, meaning you can jam your wire in any which way you bloody fancy.

Unlike car USB chargers you might have used in the past, the Zus Charger & Car Finder will power up your phone, tablet, or SatNav far quicker than you might expect. Zus boast that it can charge two iPhones to full in less than two hours, and two iPads in just three and half. In testing we tried it with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a HTC Desire 620 and both were juiced up in just two hours. Nice.

But that isn't all, for the Zus Charger & Car Finder has it's own app available for iOS and Android. Connecting to the Zus via Bluetooth will fill the app with data about your car's battery, letting you know if it is performing well or indeed of a service. The app also gives you the opportunity to set a timer, so when you park and pay for a few hours, your phone will sound an alarm when it's time to return to your car. No more late fines.

But the real beauty comes in the car finding ability itself. Each time you switch off your engine, the Zus remembers the location. That means when you access the app you can open a very clear and easy-to-read screen which gives you both direction and distance to your vehicle. If you've every been confused and turned-around in a huge shopping centre car park, you'll appreciate just how handy this feature is.

It worked every time, too. The app updates quickly in real time as you walk around, and both the arrow and distance indicator are extremely accurate. We also found it was quite reassuring to be able to open the app while at home and see that the car was indeed still parked on the drive. The location of the car can also be shared with other people, so if you need to let a friend or family member know where your car is, you can send them the location and they use their own app to find it.

This is a really useful car gadget to have, even if you car is already choked full of technology. We love the tough, good looks, the reversible and quick charging ports, and the always-works locator. And it seriously is a real steal at just...


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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