27 August 2016

REVIEW: Aldi Student Home & Kitchen Specialbuy ranges

The student has become the (shopping) master.

With September just days away it is very easy to forget that it isn't just kids who will be heading back into the folds of education – students will be both returning to the halls, or making their first big step out into the world. To aid in that transition, Aldi have gathered together a whole bunch of stuff which students, both new and experienced, will jump at. We check out the Aldi Student Home & Kitchen Specialbuy ranges.

Both available in stores and online from 1st September, the ranges tick pretty much every box for a young adult moving into university accommodation, or getting their first house or flat. The Home range features... a Mini-Vacuum Cleaner (£29.99), a Bobble Rug (£14.99), a Pom Pom Throw (£8.99) and matching Pom Pom Cushion (£4.99), a Four Drawer Tower (£14.99), a 27L Storage Box (£6.99), Underbed Storage Boxes (£7.99), a Double Bed Set (£14.99), Sleeper Pillows (£2.99), Bath Towels/2 Pack Hand Towels (£3.99), a Bath Mat (£5.99), and also an Expanding Airer (£12.99).

Meanwhile, in the Student Kitchen range, you get... a Kettle and Toaster Twin Pack (£15.99), a Three Piece Coloured Saucepans set (£9.99), a Colourful Knives Set (£3.99), a One Egg Frying Pan (Aww...) (£1.99), sets of Stackable Mugs or Stackable Bowls (£4.99), a Kitchen Brush Set (£1.99), the all-important Washing Up Bowl (£1.49), a Sandwich Maker (£7.99), the classic student Double Hot Plate (£19.99), a handy Mini Oven (£19.99), and the pretty amazing sounding Table Top Fridge (£49.99).

Aldi were kind enough to bung us a couple of items, one from each of the ranges, to take a look at. They're nice like that. Or, having judged us by the quality of our writing, they assumed we're all 18 and about to start uni ourselves. Either way, cheers!

Sandwich Maker

It's £7.99. £7.99! £7.99! £7.99! £7.99! Not £79.99. Not £17.99. But £7.99! Jesus Christ Aldi, how can you do this? We're pretty sure there are coffees in Starbucks that cost more than £7.99, and here you are offering a whole sandwich maker? Calm down, Aldi. You're too good! Seriously, just £7.99?!?

Right, now that's out of our system... This tidy kitchen appliance costs just... sorry, we forget. Anyway, it's a great bit of kit from Aldi's go-to tech makers Ambiano (who have featured on this site many a-time previously). Capable of making any kind of toasted sandwich you fancy, it is small, easy to clean, quick to heat up, AND ONLY £7.99! BUY IT, YOU IDIOTS.

Mini-Vacuum Cleaner

Once you've noshed back your sarnie, there are bound to be crumbs all over your new student kitchen. Why not help keep tensions between you and your house mates to the absolute minimum by hoovering them up quick as you can? Aldi's hand-held Mini-Vacuum Cleaner will the do the job, and Do so with aplomb.

This thing punches far above it's £29.99 asking price, because as well as sucking up crumbs, this thing can also handle liquids. We weren't aware that vacuums could do that, but this can, so if a late night party gets messy, suck up all the spillages like a pro. It also features LED lights to shine the way in dark corners, and four different nozzles for handling different terrain, including one for upholstery. Handy in your student digs, for cleaning out your car before a first date, and for sucking those awful love-bite bruises on your sleeping mate's chest. Triple winner!

Both the ranges feature exceptionally useful stuff at amazingly low prices (did you know they sell a sandwich maker for just £7.99?), so even if you're not a first-time student, check them out in store, or at www.aldi.co.uk  

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