4 August 2016

NEWS: Virgin Galactic awarded operating license

Shouldn't they be getting their trains to run on time first?

Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's space division of mega-company Virgin, has recently been awarded an operating license from the US's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to begin offering paid-for trips into space.

Although in the news a while back for crashing, killing one of the test pilots, SpaceShipTwo, Branson's space plane, is continuing to be tested but it is thought it will be at least a couple more years before paying customers are taken up there. The trip involves a hyper-sonic journey 62 miles above the earth's surface; a distance high enough to experience weightlessness.

However, despite being a relatively short ride, a seat aboard the small craft could set the traveller back a whopping £250,000. Hey, we wonder if you could use your Virgin air miles toward that?

Follow Virgin Galactic's progress here: www.virgingalactic.com

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