16 August 2016

NEWS: This egg is also a drone!

Not to be boiled.

Drones: everywhere, awesome, useful and fun. But...  not very interesting to look at. Sure, they are technological marvels, but in terms of aesthetics each one pretty much looks like the next (or rather each one looks like a DJI Phantom). But the PowerVision PowerEgg is different.

Just look at this thing! Not only is the transforming ability pretty spectacular to see, it also means all the delicate parts of the helicopter are safely tucked away during transit. No more worrying that you've snapped a prop off while carrying it in your bag.

But the PowerEgg's specs are also very impressive, with a 4K camera on board that captures 360 degrees on a three axis gimbal. Fans of FPV are in luck, as the camera's stream can reach as far as 3000 metres, and the drone features 'optical flow' sensors that help it navigate indoors.

Obviously this all sounds incredible, so to find out more visit www.powervision.me

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