5 August 2016

NEWS: Check out Netflix's Stranger Things VR Experience

Turn around.

If you've yet to watch Netflix's new original show, Stranger Things, go and do so now. Seriously, it's that good. As well as being a massive creep fest and glorious homage to every John Carpenter, Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and David Cronenberg film of the 1980s, it is also employing some nifty marketing to get you interested.

The Stranger Things VR Experience allows you to have a wander around the home of one of the main characters, Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), before receiving a creepy phone call. If you've seen the show you'll get the reference - if not, it's a great introduction. The YouTube video can be watched either on your computer using manual controls, or on your phone in a VR headset using head tracking (which is muuuuuuch better!). Check it out:

Stranger Things is streaming right now at www.netflix.com

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