3 August 2016

NEWS: Behold China's mega bus (that you can drive under!)

We're going under! Argh!

You might have seen in the news recently about a proposed (and nuts) idea to have huge buses on China's congested roads, that allow other cars to drive under them. Well, it's more than just a proposal, as a working prototype has been built. Christ.

China is known for having some of the worst traffic problems on Earth, so the idea of a bus that happily sails over the jammed traffic (or allows traffic to drive under the slower bus) is pretty good - if this was a futurist Steven Spielberg film starring Tom Cruise. The test version, called the TEB-1 is big enough to carry 300 commuters in one go and isn't set on rails like a tram: this thing can steer.

Apparently testing thus far has gone well, but come on; although it seems like it might be quite nice to ride in, are you seriously going to put your car underneath it as you both hurtle along the Chinese highway? And what if you both get stuck in a traffic jam and you have stop beneath it? Nightmare stuff.

But this soon might be doing the rounds on China's rounds, so we'll have to see how it goes. 

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