5 July 2016

NEWS: Robot rectum helps doctors 'pull their fingers out'

We hope it's locked up securely at night.

Prostate exams are the best way to see if men might be at risk of prostate cancer, and the best way to conduct a prostate exam is with a finger up the old bum. However, as simple as it sounds, training doctors to do this correctly can be tricky, because as the student's finger 'goes in' its hard for the teaching physician to check they're doing it right. Until now.

Engineers at Imperial College London have solved that problem by creating the world's first robotic rectum; a realistic bum hole that features sensors and cameras that allows both student and teacher to see exactly what they're doing up there.

These guys seem just a bit too happy to be doing this.
It is hoped that with practice on the robotic arse the doctors will be able to perfect their prostate examination technique, resulting in higher levels of more accurate detection. But (or rather 'butt' - tee hee), as with all robot news stories we report on, we're worried; if you thought Google's Atlas robot would be pissed off for being pushed around, imagine how this thing feels!

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