6 July 2016

NEWS: Robot delivery boys now in the UK!

Yep, this IS the future. Welcome.

A few months back we reported that Dominos Pizza will be testing robotic self-driving robots to deliver pizza in Australia. Which is great, but y'know, we're not in Australia. Get rid of those massive spiders lads, and we'll think about it. Anyway, takeaway food service Just Eat has announced that, following limited trails, they are starting to use similar robots to deliver food in London.

The six-wheeled robots drive about using sensors and GPS to hone in on the customer's location, then only open up once the person enters a special code that Just Eat sends them. This means that you'll be able to get food delivered wherever you are, even while out and about as we assume the robot can use your phone as a delivery address.

According to the recent trails, which took place in Greenwich, Milton Keynes, and at Glastonbury, public reaction to the robots has been good, although each is fitted with security elements like motion sensors, cameras, and a two-way audio back to a control room. The process is also cheaper, costing just £1 for a delivery within a three mile radius.


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