9 July 2016

NEWS: Pokemon Go released in US, AUS, & NZ

Gotta catch 'em all.

Following a great deal of anticipation, the mammoth world of Pokemon is finally on mobile. A collaboration between Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo has produced Pokemon Go, a brand new augmented reality game for iOS and Android... if you live in the US, Australia, or New Zealand for the time being, that is.

What makes Pokemon Go so interesting is that the immersive world of all the many many Pokemon characters can now exist in our world, with players having to move to different physical locations to find the playful little creatures, using AR to spot them and interact with them.

As well as appearing only to attract the attention of good-looking adults in the promo vid above (where's all the spotty kids?), Pokemon Go has also made the news after a young girl in the US stumbled across a dead body while out searching for Pokemon. We bet Pikachu could've beaten the shit out of that one.

Also released was a wearable device which links to the app, allowing users to collect items and be notified of significant locations they might be passing by without having to look at their phones. It's all very interesting, and the first real mainstream use of AR - coupled with a wearable - we've yet to see. Hopefully it should be hitting the rest of the world very soon.

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