19 July 2016

NEWS: Pokemon Go player arrested on Indonesian military base

Go! But not there.

Since we reported on the heavily anticipated release of augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go last week, it seems the world has gone a little crazy. The news has been flooded with stories of people (of all ages, not just kids) getting into all kinds of scrapes while attempting to "catch 'em all", including being intentionally lured to locations to be mugged of their precious smartphones. But now one player has been arrested in Indonesia... after casually wandering into a military base.

Frenchman Romain Pierre, 27, was detained by Indonesian military forces after been sighted in, and then fleeing from, the high security base in Cirebon. Obviously concerned about the risk the stranger posed, the soldiers chased and caught the man, and then questioned him. Turned out he was only hunting Pokemon and had absentmindedly strolled into the base. You know, the place they keep all the guns and bombs.

Fortunately once it became clear he there was by accident he was released, but it left many people concerned about the safety of such players casually wandering around the world searching for non-corporeal little monsters. However, on a lighter note, Indonesian cabinet secretary, Pramono Agung, revealed to journalists that he himself had successfully captured many Pokemon in the presidential palace in Jakarta, so we're guessing that the Indonesian government is 'pro-Go!'.

Something for Pokefans to consider when planning their next holiday.

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