20 July 2016

NEWS: Live forever... as a laser beam!

Beam us up, Kickstarter.

If the idea of living forever is attractive to you, stop looking for that dishy vampire to bite you and cover you with body glitter, and instead back this innovative project on Kickstarter. Voices of Humanity is seeking crowd funding for their project to digitally encode data such as messages, photos, music, and ever human DNA into a laser beam and fire it into space.

Created by University of California professor Philip Lubin (who is also involved with Stephen Hawking's Breakthrough Starshot project, to fire tiny craft out into space with a ground-based laser), Voices of Humanity will first seek to build a 'back-up for humanity' of sorts, by putting genetic info and data about our history and civilisation onto a small ship and putting it in orbit around Earth, then the moon, and later Mars. It's always nice to have back-up.

However, right now you can pledge as little as $5 to get a message ready to be fired into space with the laser. As the universe is infinite, and as the laser light won't degrade, your message will live on forever before being picked up at some point in the future, possible by aliens.

So make it good, eh?

Find out more here.

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