26 July 2016

NEWS: Learn to code for free right now


Coding is now a part of the National Curriculum (here in the UK, at least), so getting your kids something for them to practice their programming skills on at home is a great idea. However, a lot of coding kits designed for kids require you to buy a new computer (such as the Kano), but FUZE have now released their version of the BASIC coding system as a free download for Windows computers.

FUZE, who also make a Raspberry Pi-based coding computer (which we reviewed here) have used the BASIC system for a number of years, as they believe it is a far better programme for getting kids ready to work with the likes of the more complex language of Python. Going from a coding programme like Scratch to Python is like, as Jon Silvera, MD of FUZE Technologies, says, "taking a young child who was happily playing in the shallow end of a pool, taking off their armbands, and throwing them into the deep end with no support".

FUZE BASIC is available as a completely free, no-strings attached, download right now for Windows (Vista and upwards), Linux, and even an Android version set for release in the Autumn. Find out more and get your download at www.fuze.co.uk

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