25 July 2016

NEWS: First FAA-approved drone delivery takes place

And it was a really important cargo.

We've mentioned before about the possibility of drones delivering items directly to your house, but so far the whole idea is bogged down in red tape on both sides of the Atlantic. However, taking place in one of just six approved locations by the US Federal Aviation Authority, was the first ever official delivery by drone... of doughnuts and coffee! Yay!

Convenience store 7-Eleven made the drop-off (using drone company Flirety) in Reno, Nevada, sending a package of sweet treats and drinks to a customer's back yard with the autonomous drone. The multi-rotor arrived using GPS then hovered over the customer's house before lowering the specially design box down to the ground - without spilling anything.

It might seem trivial but the fact that this was FAA-approved makes all the difference to one day soon making this kind of delivery commonplace. Look to the skies!

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