16 July 2016

NEWS: Aussie chip packets scare gulls

Fry again, feathery losers!

If you've ever spent any time by the sea while attempting to eat food, you'll know just how dodgy a pack of seagulls can be. Seriously, those beaky bastards will try to grab anything out of your hands and make off with it. Apparently it's a major problem in Australia; so much so that fast food chain Hungry Jack's (which is basically Burger King down-under) have decided to fight back.

Hungry Jack's new french fry packets now feature holographic designs which reflect the light and shine brightly, something that seagulls hate. Apparently. The chain hopes that hungry Australians will be able to wander freely outside without being mugged by what the TV ad calls "pincer-mouth, chip-addicted, feather reptiles". Awesome.

The jury is out on whether or not this actually works, as we're pretty sure that birds in general are attracted to shiny things. Aren't they? Also, isn't it winter in Australia right now? Are people still walking around outside eating chips?

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