14 July 2016

NEWS: Air-conditioning for your armpits!

Test Pits.

If you are suffering badly this summer with sweaty armpits, fret no longer our damp-shirted friends. Those embarrassing sweat patches in your armpits could soon be a thing of the distant and dark past, if you invest in this innovative gadget from Asia: a clip-on air conditioner, yo!

The tiny box attaches to the inside of your shirt or t-shirt sleeve, then, by way of power from two AAA batteries, blasts cold air right up into your pit, putting a stop to heat (or anxiety) induced sweat. Just imagine it; you’ll be able to feely move your arms about all day, raising them triumphantly in the office, or wrapping them about friends for non-moist hugs.

What’s more, as the device is so slim, it can also be used to cool other areas of your body. Yes, you can attach it to the inside of your waistband to tackle the uncomfortable sweaty genitals problem, which plagues many of us at this time of year.

This is a pretty amazing time to be alive.

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