28 June 2016

REVIEW: Paladone Grill Sergeant BBQ


Right, you 'orrible lot! We're taking our barbecues very seriously this summer, to not only ensure our food is properly cooked (to avoid the “messy” incidents we had last year), but also that our cooking equipment looks like the bee's knees. Mmm, delicious bees knees. We review the Paladone Grill Sergeant BBQ.

In a nutshell, this is a spherical 12 inch barbecue that can be easily carried about, thanks in no small part to the light weight and top-side carry handle. The top, or 'helmet', can be securely locked into place with two clips, meaning that – even when cooking – the whole thing can be hoisted up and moved. We like that, quite a lot.

Pop the top and you get a removable cooking grill with fuel reservoir inside. Once you've got your fire going and up to temperature, you can pop the top back on to make things really hot. Fortunately Paladone have thought about the risk of exploding barbecues, by including a twist-opening ventilation hole. Closing this up for a bit when the lid is on and your meat is cooking away creates a pretty intense and smoky heat, and everything we cooked on the Grill Sergeant BBQ had that delicious smoky flavour.

Still, if you're simply grilling up a few sausages, leaving the lid off makes for a quick and easy cooking experience, and as the base of the grill is rounded it is super easy to clean afterwards. Fully metal, the Paladone Grill Sergeant BBQ cab survive plenty of knocks and even after a harsh scrub the inside surface was smooth and unblemished.

So, what are your dinner 'orders'? This fun little addition to a summer barbecue is fun, tough, and one of those little conversation starters that makes everything easier.

£29.99 Designed by paladone.com

Available from www.findmeagift.co.uk

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