4 June 2016

REVIEW: Aldi Euro 2016 Range

On the ball.

According to Twitter, the place from which we get all of our news and general info, there is currently quite an important football tourney taking place; Euro 2016. The occurrence of this championship battle was further hammered home after our mates at Aldi saw fit to furnish us with a couple of items from their Euro 2016 Specialbuy range. Let's take a look, shall we?

The Euro 2016 Specialbuy range goes live in stores and online from Sunday 5th June 2016 and contains mostly sporting goodies... with one major exception. In the clothing range, which is all UEFA licensed, you'll find UEFA 2016 Hoodies (£14.99) in the colours of England, Wales and Ireland, adult’s UEFA 2016 Football Shirt or Polo Shirt (£5.99), caps (£3.99), children’s UEFA 2016 Hoodies (£5.99), children’s UEFA 2016 Football Kits (£5.99), children’s UEFA 2016 Football Boots (£8.99) and the Official Euro 2016 Football (£8.99). Nice.

Meanwhile, for those who might not be so much playing football but rather watching it all on the telly, the Aldi Euro 2016 Specialbuy range also boasts a Mini Drinks Fridge (£79.99), ideal for beers, drinks, dips, and everything you need to be right there next to the sofa during the match. Aldi were kind enough to furnish us with one of the fridges, and also an adult hoody to take a look at.

UEFA 2016 Hoody

Despite being proudly based in Yorkshire, we opted for the Welsh hoody, and only really to please the spirits of our Editor's leek-chomping ancestors. The item itself is well put-together, 100% soft cotton, and features a large kangaroo pocket on the front, and contrast drawstring around the hood. We were sent an over-the-head style, but Aldi are also selling zip-up versions as well, in all three national colours. The printing on the front is good, it feels comfortable and cosy on, and yeah... its a pretty awesome garment for less than fifteen quid.

Mini Fridge

But obviously our main interest lay with the fridge. First up, the use of 'mini' in the name can be bit misleading, as we were expecting something very small; like the kind of fridge you get from novelty online shops to put one can of beer in. This thing is huge, while still technically being mini. Seriously, this has 47 litres of storage capacity, meaning you can stick a couple dozen bottles or cans in there, and still have room for the milk!

Made by Ambiano, who are Aldi's go-to guys for making home gadgets and appliances, the fridge features a tinted black glass door (which can easily be reversed), a removable shelf in the middle, and an internal light to make grabbing a drink a lot more convenient when the living room lights are off. The operating temperature is around 8 degrees Celsius, and despite the capacity, the whole thing is a surprising neat and light package.

If you're thinking that having a fridge in the living room just for the Euros is a bit of over-kill... maybe you're right. However, this is the perfect opportunity to get an great fridge at a great price. This thing would be perfect in a small start-up office for people's lunches and the milk for coffee, not to mention being an excellent go-to garage fridge, providing additional cold storage during Christmas and the like. Thanks to the sturdy construction you can even put things on top, so fitting it into your home, office, or workshop is a cinch.

The Euro 2016 Specialbuy range is available in Aldi stores from 5th June, and you can even buy stuff online at https://www.aldi.co.uk

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