6 June 2016

NEWS: Turn your GoPro into a 3D camera for £35

It'll be like you're really there... cheaply.

You might have heard lots of news about forthcoming 3D cameras; cams that let you record in 3D to then watch back on a VR headset. Many of these products seem to be carrying price tags into the high hundreds, so it's pretty awesome to hear about Vitrima - a GoPro case that lets you film in 3D. For just £35.

The waterproof case features a unique split prism lens which divides the picture your action cam captures into two. That way, when you watch it back using a VR device as simple as Google's Cardboard (or this, or this, or this) then you'll get a sense of really being there.

Vitrima is currently taking pre-orders, so if you fancy adding a literal new dimension to your photography, check it out here.

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