10 June 2016

NEWS: Thieves dressed like Apple staff steal Apple stuff

Good one, genius.

If you've ever had an Apple-related issue and popped into your local Apple store, you've probably chatted to one of the so-called Geniuses. These blue shirt wearing folk know a thing or two about Apple products, but it seems that some might not know what their fellow colleagues look like. Apparently criminals in New York are donning Apple-branded t-shirts, wandering into Apple stores, and wandering right out with hand-fulls of swag. Genius.

Recently in New York, a criminal wearing a blue shirt with a printed Apple logo strolled happily into the SoHo Apple store and right the way into the repair centre. He pocketed 19 iPhones, worth around $16,000, and then walked right out. Well, what were the other staff members to expect? He had a blue shirt on, for Christ's sake!

The theft is similar to one carried out at the Broadway West store in March, in which a duo of disguised tea-leaves nabbed around $50,000 worth of iPhones; again, by simply wearing blue shirts. Geniuses indeed.

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