9 June 2016

NEWS: Stop leaks as soon as they start with the Honeywell Smart Leak Detector

Flooded with cleverness.

Usually the first sign that your home has a leak is when water starts to cascade down your walls, or pools on the floor. Leaks and pipe freezes are the biggest cause of home insurance claims, so to be able to detect them the moment they start could end up saving you lots of hassle and dosh. Honeywell's new Smart Leak Detector does just that.

This is a WiFi connected unit that features not only a water-sensing cord (as in the image above) but also on-board moisture and temperature sensors. Controlled via a smartphone app, you can set the Smart Leak Detector anywhere you think there could potentially be a leak or freezing issue, such as in the bathroom, kitchen, or utility room. As soon as water is sensed, or indeed the many different triggers that you can set up yourself, the unit will send your phone a push notification, as well scream with it's 100dB alarm.

This seems like a great way of getting in there to fix a problem before it becomes a catastrophe, so to find out more, go here.

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