7 June 2016

NEWS: Sick of pushing a trolley? Get a DonkiBot

It's a robot wagon... kinda.

Yes, putting heavy things onto a trolley and then pushing and pulling them does indeed make shifting things about easier... but having to push and pull is not something a modern human should have to do, right? Thankfully a new campaign on Kickstarter should be of interest to those of us who are just plain lazy; the DonkiBot.

Imagine a trolley that follows you around, without you having to pull it! Imagine it, go on. Essentially that is what the DonkiBot does; you load it up with your crap, then walk on and it will loyally follow you without you having to lift a finger. Well, sort off. You see, the DonkiBot is held back from the 'Truly Awesome' category as the user still has to physically hold a tether attached to the front of the wagon. You don't pull it at all, but the DonkiBot is programmed to follow the thing in your hand, rather than you. 

That's kind of a shame, as it would have been interesting to have a version of the tether that clipped onto your belt loop or something, allowing your hands to be completely free, but hey. 

If you fancy pledging your support for this robotic donkey, get yourself, and at least $698, here

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