3 June 2016

NEWS: Segway goes all 'hoverboard-y'

We look forward to this being banned as well.

After last year's slew of cheap so-called hoverboards hitting the market (which resulted in many of them exploding and the UK government banning anything on two-wheels that their grandfathers wouldn't have ridden into battle against the Hun) Segway launched many lawsuits against apparent patent violations. Perhaps all the money they made from that has been ploughed into this; the new Segway MiniPro.

Now available for pre-order (at a whopping £800-900!) the MiniPro uses an innovative tilt bat which users hold between their knees. Unlike faux-hoverboards, the MiniPro has pneumatic tires and can even be remotely controlled via a smartphone app. And, so Segway promise, it won't explode! Yay!

Although the price leaves us feeling a bit sad, the app features sound pretty cool. Not only can you order your Segway to come to you, allowing you to hop straight on, but can also change the colour of the headlights and record telemetries like distance and speed. We assume that Segway are hoping that their name attached to a device like this will help boost both sales and consumer confidence, but the initial price might put... well, everyone, off.

Check it out here: www.segway.com

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