16 June 2016

NEWS: Drinking problem? There’s an action cam accessory for you

Give it your best shot.

The Polaroid Cube is a tiny little HD action cam that is known for being easy to use and to mount on various surfaces thanks to its magnetic base. However, it isn’t currently known for being a great drinking buddy, although that might soon change thanks to this bizarre accessory – a shot glass mount.

The plastic shot glass clips directly onto the Polaroid Cube, so that the cam’s lens points upwards through the base of the glass. So when you fill it with your filthy liquor and knock it back, you’ll get some… erm… interesting footage of you drinking. Fair enough.

Although possibly not how Polaroid thought their action cam would be used, this is a pretty good example of how action cams are being increasingly integrated into our daily lives. In this instance the cam isn’t being used to keep you safe on your bike, or to let the kids record something fun and random, but still… each to their own.

If you buy one of these, do send us a clip. Or don’t. Actually, please don’t.

£12.99 from www.amazon.co.uk

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