7 May 2016

REVIEW: XQISIT IE 200 Bluetooth Headset

XQISIT-ly handy.

Think of a pair of Bluetooth headphones and your mind might picture a chunky pair of cans that you plonk onto your head and need a carry case to ship about. Although we've reviewed our fair share of that kind, there's also some brilliant examples of teeny tiny in-ear headphones that connect to your phone via Bluetooth. The XQISIT IE 200 Bluetooth Headset is such an example.

Proving that Bluetooth headphones don't have to take up half the size in your bag, the XQISIT IE 200 Bluetooth Headset is as small as conventional wired earphones, but with several unique features. As you might have guessed they connect via Bluetooth and have a maximum range from the connected device of around 10 metres. Despite the miniscule size it has a battery life of up to four hours (although also a stand-by time of 150 hours) and is charged via the included – and very short – Micro USB cable.

Pairing is as easy as holding down the only control button on the remote (which is the same size and shape as the battery box – just on the other end of the wire), while next to it are the two volume buttons. You use that centre button to play and pause your music, and also answer and hang up phone calls, if indeed you've paired it with your phone.

On that note; one great feature of the XQISIT IE 200 Bluetooth Headset are the magnetic controls. Both earbuds can stick to each other via a magnet, which not only makes the headset easy to wind up and and store in your bag without getting tangled, it also means you can secure the whole thing around your neck when not listening to music. Furthermore, get a call while the headset is around you neck and all you have to do to answer it is pull them apart, and then hang up by attaching them back together again. Nifty, and bloody handy.

Of course, should you already have the buds in your ears when a call comes in, you can just press the centre button on the remote to answer instead. Speaking of them being in your ears... our only beef with the XQISIT IE 200 Bluetooth Headset is that it doesn't come with any additional earbud gels to get the right fit. Although the included pair are okay, with several of us having tried them and found them comfortable and secure, we were expecting at least one other set... just in case.

Still, when they're in, they're good. Of the three of us that tried them, two thought the depth of sound and quality of music was very good – just what you'd expect from Bluetooth headphones of around fifty quid. However, one us didn't really rate them at all, and we all thought that might have been due to the fit of the earbuds. Again, a couple extra sets of varying sizes would have helped here, to secure the XQISIT IE 200 Bluetooth Headset into the ears a bit better, and therefore seal in the sound. To be fair, the types of buds that come with the set are fairly bog standard, meaning you could swap in a pair you're comfortable with and which you know are your size.

So although the fit might be a bit of a gamble right out of the box, these are tight little earbuds with some nice features that deliver a great sound quality on the go.

Around £50

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