3 May 2016

NEWS: What not to do on a flight


In this post-9/11 world, air travel has become quite sensible, hasn't it? Declaring "it's definitely not a bomb" as customs officers check your baggage is a no-no, as is dressing as Osama Bin Laden to catch a flight. But it seems that taking off your shoes and having a fully charged mobile phone aren't the only things you have to be careful of, as even your WiFi Hotspot name could cause issues. 

A Qantas flight bound for Perth from Melbourne was left grounded recently after passengers detected a WiFi Hotpost called 'mobile detonation device'. After alerting the crew, the entire aircraft was searched for any such device, with nothing being found. Obviously. Because it was some joker's phone. The mystery passenger was never identified as the network soon went offline, but once the search was ended 40 passengers refused to travel on the plane, causing huge delays as they got off and retrieved their baggage.

We love the idea that a terrorist would actually name his of her mobile detonation device 'mobile detonation device', as if taken directly from a classic episode of 1960s Batman. We also like the idea of labelling bombs with 'bomb' and individual bullets with 'a bullet'.

The lesson here is if you don't want your flight to be delayed, don't give your WiFi Hotspot a dodgy name. However, if you do want to be a troublesome imp...

Meanwhile, our favourite ever WiFi network name was the one we found below. One for fans of Community, we think.

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