31 May 2016

NEWS: Want the "world's most secure phone"? £12,000 please

Privacy costs.

If mobile phone security and privacy are important to, and you don't mind forking out as much as it costs for a decent new car, we have just the handset for you. The Solarin from Sirin Labs is being pushed as "the world's most secure smartphone", boasting some pretty tough protection software called Zimperium.

With a 5.5 inch display, and a 23.8 mega pixel camera (with what looks in the video like a manual lens cap - so the government can't spy on you, man!) the Solarin actually looks like a pretty decent phone. There was no mention of it running Android, but if it wants the credentials of being hyper-secure, we're guessing Sirin Labs (who are based in both Sweden and Tel Aviv) have cobbled together their own OS.

But seriously, 12 grand for a phone? Do you have 12 grand's worth of data and info on your phone that you'd hate to see stolen or viewed? Although this phone might not be making it to the hands of very many people any day soon (as evidenced by the fact that it's only available from Sirin Lab's own store in London, and also via Harrods), if you work in intelligence, or are just a show-off prick, this might be your next phone.

To find out more (and to visit the most pointlessly complex Flash website we've ever seen - seriously, check it out) visit https://www.sirinlabs.com/ 

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