28 May 2016

NEWS: Tesla driver asleep at the wheel. Welcome to the future

Had to happen sometime.

We remember watching the Arnie film The Sixth Day in 2000 and, while the characters get into a self-driving car and don't even bother looking out of the window as it powers along, thinking 'Jesus, that will never happen!'. Well, according to a YouTube clipped uploaded by Electrek, we've gone even more casual.

The clip (if it is indeed genuine and not a prank played by the driver on his fellow commuters) shows a guy happily snoozing away in his Tesla Model S as the car drives itself. The Model S uses a sophisticated 'Autopilot' system to drive the car, alerting the driver to take over if the car's sensors can't get enough data to do so safely. Seems this particular vehicle is doing just fine, as the driver (or passenger, in this instance) is knocking out some Zs completely undisturbed.

Here's the full video:

First of all... urgh, portrait! Come on, idiots! Secondly... holy shit, it really does look like that guy is sleeping! He's putting his life, and the lives of all the other motorists around him, in the hands of the people who programmed that damn car's computer. Maybe we're old fashioned, but we're not okay with that. However, neither is the law nor Tesla's own guidelines which state that even in a self-driving car the driver must be aware of the car's actions constantly. Which this arsehole clearly isn't.

So yeah, welcome to the future, guys. Shit.

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