20 May 2016

NEWS: Overspending? Prepare for a (literal) shock


Maxing out your credit card and bank account each month? Keep getting notifications from PayPal about how little credit you've got? Fret no more, daft spendthrift arseholes... Intelligent Environments is here to help. The British company has developed the world's first banking system which is connected to the IoT (Internet of Things) meaning your spending can now be monitored by your gadgets.

For example; you can set a spending limit so when you start to reach it, you get a notification on your phone saying so. Handy. But for those who tend to ignore such notifications there is another option. Using the Pavlock wristband. a device which delivers an electric shock when certain circumstances are reached, users can literally shock themselves when they try to buy something.

Although Pavlock was created by an American company to help people overcome addictions like smoking and finger nail biting, Intelligent Environments are the first to develop software for it that links directly to bank accounts and credit cards. Obviously it sounds awful, and reminds us a little of the Lumo Lift which violently vibrates when your back isn't straight enough.

Still, if you're crap with your money, this might help. Or a least give those around you a bloody good laugh.

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