11 May 2016


A-Nerf is a-Nerf.

We’re big fans of Nerf here at t’Pit… but lugging around a foam dart blaster all day, ready for any potential office wars that might break out, can get tiring. If only there was a way to send your blaster to harry your enemies (work colleagues) by itself, controlling it via a remote while you sit on your arse. Well soon there will be, baby!

Nerf’s N-Strike Elite Terrascout RC Drone is essentially an N-Strike flywheel blaster mounted on a remote-controlled tank. Not only can this thing (which looks like something Skynet created to crush the human resistance) shoot 18 Elite foam darts, it will also record the action via a 720p gun-cam.

The included remote seems to have a screen (we assume to live-stream the video footage) while the treads of the drone itself would appear to suggest it could handle most kinds of rough terrain. Like the carpet in the break room, or the wet tiles of the bathroom. If it can fit under the door of toilet stall, we’ll buy 10 right now!

Unfortunately Hasbro isn’t due to release it until the autumn, and the expected price tag is around $200 (£140). Holy crap. Still, it does hint that the Nerf range is moving into the RC world, which leaves us with one question: when are we getting a flying drone equipped with a blaster and first-person-view-goggles? Eh, Hasbro?


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