4 May 2016

NEWS: iPhone "most influential gadget of all time", says TIME

Erm, hello... it's the wheel, right?

After compiling a list of the Top 50 Most Influential Gadgets of all time, TIME Magazine has placed Apple's iPhone at the top spot. The list, which considered items that have "forever changed the way we live, work, and play," put the original iPhone model at number one because, "Apple was the first company to put a truly powerful computer in the pockets of millions," and therefore created, "a new era of flat, touchscreen phones." Fair play.

Apple also scored highly with their other tech innovations, with the iPod at number 9, the iPad at 25, and the iBook at 38. Other big hitters on the list include Sony with their Trinitron TV at number 2, and the Walkman at number 4. Nintendo did well, with the NES landing at 15, and the Gameboy at 16. We're happy to see that the Nokia 3210 was mentioned, scoring a respectable 34th place, and the JVC MovieVideo Camcorder (as wielded by Marty McFly) was at 19.

Check out the whole list here: http://time.com/4309573/most-influential-gadgets/

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