30 May 2016

NEWS: Climber uses LG vacuum cleaner to scale building

Now this is faith in a product.

Using extreme stunts to show off a new tech product usually don't go beyond GoPro asking a parachutist to film themselves jumping out of an aeroplane. But it seems that LG were so confident in their latest vacuum cleaner, the Code Zero, that they invited climber Sierra Blair-Coyle to climb a glass sky scraper using nothing but two of them strapped to her back. Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

Fortunately Blair-Coyle (the so-called 'supermodel spider-woman') managed to do just that, reaching the top of the 460 feet high building in less than 30 minutes. With two of the Code Zero vacuum cleaners on her back, she used the powerful suction to stick to the glass; Mission: Impossible style. LG say the 80V batteries on the new cleaners are good for 40 minutes of suction, but that didn't stop Blair-Coyle stopping half way up for a battery change. You know, because she really didn't want to risk running out of juice. Because this woman doesn't enjoy putting herself at risk. Oh no.

We can't be sure if LG purposely chose a female climber to carry out the stunt, or if Blair-Coyle was the first to say yes. Either way, this could be taken as a 'look housewives - there's more you can with you vacuum cleaner!' kind of campaign.

Regardless of your gender, please don't try this at home.

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