30 April 2016

REVIEW: MEE Audio M6P Headphones

You and MEE.

If the warmer weather has spurred you on to get out there and do some exercise lately, you might have noticed the voice in your head, every time you do. “Stop!” it cries. “Stop you fool. This hurts. And you look like a hi-vis dick!” Our advice is to drown out that voice with your favourite music. So we guess you'll need a decent pair of sports headphones, then? We review the MEE Audio M6P.

These wired in-ear headphones are very small, compact and light. They are designed so that the cord for each earbud goes over the top of your ear, helping to keep them locked in. This useful design idea is further enhanced by MEE's 'Memory Wire', which although sounds like something implanted into Arnold Schwarzenegger's brain in Total Recall, is actually a flexible metal casing. You bend it into shape around your lug-hole and it will stay that way, making the fit more comfortable and secure.

Comfort was clearly on the top of MEE Audio's list when making the M6P, as they also include six different pairs of silicone ear tips to help you get the right fit. Once you find the right set for you, and once you fiddle with the Memory Wire (“Get your ass to Mars!”) to bend them into shape, these headphones are exceptionally comfy. Pop 'em on, start your workout, and you'll forget they are there.

As the chances are that you'll be using these with your phone, the in-line microphone on the cable (situated where it splits to both ears – the best place for it to be) is very welcome, as are the volume controls on the same unit. MEE were also quite thoughtful when they included in the box a small plastic clip; ideal for clipping the wire to your t-shirt to stop it from bouncing around as you run. Smart.

But what is really smart is the... CARRY CASE, BITCHES! Regular readers will know that we go giddy over a fine carry case, especially when it comes to head and ear phones. The M6P's is small and tough, and perfect for keeping them protected in your bag and also tangle-free. There's room in there for the clip and also the extra ear tips, should you fancy a change while you're out and about.

So... the music? Granted, these are not the highest quality earphones we've ever reviewed, but they are one of the cheapest. Despite that (just) sub-£20 price tag, the MEE Audio M6P Headphones performed very well, especially when competing against background noise such as traffic. Although they are not overly powerful, and the bass was slightly lacking in oomph, because they fit very well and the in-ear buds seal in every last drop of sound, we thought they reproduced a variety of different genres as if they actually cost more than twice the asking price.

For kicking back to listen to your favourite tunes at home... no. But for keeping your mind focused on you workout, without getting overly distracted by an uncomfortable fit or a complicated set up... yes.


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