2 April 2016

NEWS: Wear the shoes that kicked Alien Queen ass

Guaranteed not to rip(ley).

It seems that Nike aren't the only shoemaker looking back to the 1980s for future products, as it has recently been announced that Reebok will manufacture the kick-ass boots Sigourney Weaver wore in the 1986 film Aliens. Remember them? Weaver's character, Ripley, wore them for most of the film as she pounded around blasting aliens, driving power loaders, and shouting "Get away from her you bitch!".

Set to be released in limited numbers at the end of this month, there has yet to be any details of the price. One thing we weren't aware of is that these shoes have already be produced by Reebok (in a slightly reduced form) following the release of Aliens, 30 years ago. Their re-release has been set for 26th April, which apparently many people are attempting to set as 'Alien Day' due to the connection with the planet in the first two films, LV-426 (4 - 26, geddit?). Fair enough, but it's hardly May the 4th be with you, eh?

Still, those who would like to pull on a pair of 'Ripleys' on the 26th should keep an eye open at http://www.reebok.co.uk/ 

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