21 April 2016

NEWS: PICTAR on Kickstarter

DSLR your iPhone.

Taking photos with your smartphone is great in terms of convenience, but not so great when you realise how fiddly it can be. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter is PICTAR, an iPhone accessory that promises to help you take better photos with your phone.

The PICTAR slides over your iPhone (compatible with iPhone 4 and upwards) to create a more convention DSLR grip, as well as giving you control over five programmable physical buttons. Now you can make adjustments to the shot with just one hand, as there is no need to reach out and touch the screen of the phone itself.

This all looks pretty awesome, and as the later model iPhones have quite impressive cameras (both front and back) it's great to see an accessory that helps unleash that potential. Bung 'em a few quid today, as well as checking out the demonstration video, right here.

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