26 April 2016

NEWS: Internet connected LEGO?

Building the future.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter is an interesting product that will bring Internet-of-Things capabilities to LEGO and MEGA Bloks. Brixo is a new system of building blocks that are compatible with the aforementioned toy lines, but are filled with cleverness like Bluetooth, LEDs, light sensors, and motors.

Brixo, which has already smashed it's Kickstarter target with two weeks to go, comprises three different kinds of bricks. There are chrome connector bricks which carry electrical current, trigger blocks which contain sensors of varying kinds, and action blocks with lights and even small motors. This means that pretty much anything can be designed and incorporated into your LEGO builds, as well as using LEGO for home IoT projects.

It's all very exciting, so check them out, and back them, here.

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