27 April 2016

NEWS: Hover Camera - the foldable, 'follow me' drone

Here drone! Good boy...

Chinese start-up company Zero Zero is currently making waves in the tech world after announcing their Hover Camera drone. The quadcopter, which weighs just 238 grams, can be folded up to the size of a VHS cassette tape, features fully enclosed rotors, a 4K camera, and no controller what-so-ever.

Operated by a smartphone app, the Hover Camera can be set to 'follow-me' mode, whereby it will follow you around from the air, keeping you (or rather your phone) in shot. As well as shooting in 4K it can also snap 13MP photos and stream 720p video back to your phone.

The crucial thing here is the drone's small size and lack of weight. Because of it, there will be no need to declare it in the US under the FAA's drone registration laws, and the fully enclosed blades make it very safe. There's no news on pricing at the moment, and Zero Zero said they are still working out a few kinks from having to design and build every component themselves.

But it looks awesome - can't wait to have a go. Find out more (and join their Beta), at http://gethover.com/ 

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