13 April 2016

NEWS: FUZEBOX on Kickstarter

Coding made easy.

Last year we reviewed the FUZE, a programmable computer, powered by a Raspberry Pi, designed to allow kids to get the hang of coding and electronics. The basic premise behind the whole set was to make the Pi as easy to use as possible, adding a keyboard, mouse, extra USB ports, and also an electrical board. Now the people who created FUZE have gone one step further with FUZEBOX, now seeking funding on Kickstarter. 

FUZEBOX is unique in that in can connect wirelessly to any other computing device (your PC or Mac - even your Android phone) to be programmed to perform whatever task you need it for. The unit itself can then be modified with sensors, LEDs, switches, buttons, counters - anything in fact. As the Kickstarter page suggests, FUZEBOX could be used to create a motion-sensing alarm, a baby monitor, a game controller, or anything your imagination can dream.

We really enjoyed testing the original FUZE, and it actually sparked our interest in home-coding and electronics (evidenced by our Kano and DIY Gamer reviews) so we're as keen as mustard to get a hold of a FUZEBOX when production starts.

To back the project on Kickstarter, go here.

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