24 April 2016

NEWS: Finally, VR looks cool

A shade more awesome.

Although VR is becoming increasingly popular, right now the hardware demands us to either strap our smartphanes to our faces by way of chunky plastic boxes, or wear expensive, heavy gizmos that are wired up to our computers. Fortunately Chinese technology Dlodlo has the answer for style-conscious VR fans with the V One.

Unveiled at CE China, the V One are the thinnest VR glasses currently available, and are styled after more conventional looking sunglasses. Although they are low on weight and dimensions, the cool specs pack a technical punch, possessing a 2560 x 1440 resolution, 100 degree field of view, and a nine axis sensor.

Unlike most other VR headsets, the Dlodlo V One doesn't require a smartphone to be inserted into it, or to be hooked up to, instead drawing the software from the company's D Box, an Android-based entertainment hub. But most importantly, they actually look pretty cool. We'd be happy slipping these on during a long train journey without worrying that the other passengers were all secretly sniggering about how much of a dick we look.

No news on pricing yet, but more info can be found here: http://www.dlodlo.com/en/v-one.html 

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